Turtle’s Story

I’ve never been a simple person. My whole life has been about all the things I wish I could have done or the things that I want to be. My passions drive me and I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t have the energy and desire to be the best that I can be. […]

Sherri’s Story

Growing up, I always had a home. During my time growing up, I never really felt like I had a family. I knew my family was out there, but there was always a piece of me that wasn’t satisfied with only knowing they were out there. I often found myself thinking about the life I […]

Rick’s Story

I didn’t grow up like most kids, but I love my parents and they’re still a part of my life. My parents owned a bar and alcoholism ran in the family. They were drunks, but that didn’t make me love them any less. If anything, the amount of time I spent with them led to […]

Jill and Lily’s Story

As nurture is a crucial element in human development, growing up in a home which lacks it can result in unpredictable impacts. Siblings usually have each other’s backs. Younger siblings typically know that they can come to their elder siblings for things deemed inappropriate for parental discussion in return for all the years of keeping […]

Jazz’s Story

When I was younger, I was adopted by a family with nine other siblings. I was one of the middle children, and always felt a little left out. This was partly because my other siblings all had brothers or sisters close to their age, while I was often on my own. This isolation also took […]